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I've just decided on a contract candidate from Hired – what’s next?

The time-to-hire a contractor is considerably shorter than the full-time employee interview process, making hiring contractors a low-risk way to complete your important projects and get work done. Once you’re ready to bring a contractor on board to expand your workforce, follow these steps:

1. Fill out the “Hire as Contractor” form

Once you find the right contractor, go to the Interviews tab and select your candidate. On their profile, select “Hire as Contractor” and submit the requested information. This information helps us quickly jump start onboarding your contractor.

2. Candidate completes onboarding

Your worker will be sent their onboarding forms within the same business day as your completion of the hire as a contractor form. It’s important to note that your worker can’t start working for you until all of their onboarding is complete, on average 3 - 5 business days. 

3. Approve time

The contractor will submit their timecards in our portal on a weekly basis and an email will be generated to the designated time approver. Timecards need to be submitted by the Monday following the work week and approvals/rejections are due by EOD Tuesday.  To ensure timeliness of the candidate’s paycheck, if the hours are not approved within a 24-hour time period, we will automatically approve them. 

4. Invoices Sent 

Invoices will be generated on a weekly basis for the previous weeks’ approved hours. For example, hours worked from 1/15 - 1/21 will be invoiced on Friday 1/27. On the "Hire as Contractor" form, there is an option to select ACH/Credit Card payment or Standard Invoicing with a 3 year credit check. For the ACH/CC, the payments will be deducted weekly.

5. Convert, extend, or finish 

Your Account Manager will reach out to you as your contractor is nearing their end date to get a new estimated end date, confirm the contractor’s finish, or convert the worker to a full-time employee.

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