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How much does Hired cost for employers?

Full-Time Employees

Depending on your company size and head count goals, Hired has pricing models that are flexible for your team. 

The Hired Subscription is the most popular option. Pay one fixed cost per month and hire as many people as you need at no additional cost! We also have pay as you go pricing, where we take a one-time commission of 15% of your hire's first year salary. 

Discount bundles and other options are available

Contract Workers

We default all contract placements as W2 Contract Employees through Hired. This means that we cover the cost of social security, medicare, workers' compensation, and state and federal employment taxes for you. The fee for hiring a W2 Contract Employee is a 30% markup on the hourly rate.

There is an option to select 1099 and fill out a compliance questionnaire.  If this option is selected, it will be reviewed by our legal team and may require additional documentation. We do this to protect you, Hired, and the candidate. The fee for hiring a 1099 Independent Contractor is a 15% mark-up on the hourly rate.

For the UK: 
Limited Corporations: 15% markup of the candidate’s pay rate
PAYE: contact your Account Manager for more information on pricing

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