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How do I collaborate on finding new candidates with my colleagues?

We have a lot of great tools for collaboration between members of a hiring team. Here are a few recommended steps:

  1. Invite anyone helping to hire for a role to your Hired account.  Hired works best when your full hiring team is on the platform and there is no additional cost associated with adding more members to your hiring team. You can even choose different permissions for each member to protect confidential details.  Use Private notes to @-mention any of your coworkers on a candidate and sends an email notifying them. 

  2. Use our Shortlist feature to tag candidates you think are a fit for the role for your teammates. No matter who does the outreach on your team whether it be your recruiter, hiring manager or even yourself -- Shortlist allows you to quickly send off interview requests to candidates you’re most interested in. 

And don't worry, when multiple members of your team are using Hired we'll let you know if one of your colleagues has already reached out to a certain candidate so you can avoid sending duplicate requests.

See how access varies based on the permissions you set for your team:

Invite coworkers here.

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