How can I improve my profile?

Follow these suggestions to help maximize your exposure to companies on the Hired platform.

Skills: List technical skills in this section, including tools, technology, languages, frameworks, libraries, and methodologies that you feel comfortable showcasing to employers.

Desired roles: Select 3 roles at most. Think of this section as a place to explain what you are targeting for your next role, and to show your relevant experience. This will help our matching technology find the best possible match for you.

Profile picture: You can add a professional headshot, but we encourage you to add a fun picture that showcases your personality! We find that employers on our platform are more likely to view profiles that include a photo of the candidate’s face.

Education: Before an employer clicks into your profile, they see a high level snapshot of your profile, which includes only your most recent education. Please ensure that the most recent education listed is the most relevant to your current job search.  

Salary: This is only your preferred base salary. Additional elements including bonus, equity, perks, etc. are not included here. Everything, including your base salary, are negotiable once you get an official offer after interviewing with companies.

Remember, the more information you add about what you are looking for in your next opportunity, the more relevant the interview requests you receive will be!

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