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How can I improve my profile?

Headline: Feel free to get creative with an appealing one-liner about who you are as a professional. Make sure it speaks to where you're headed next. https://hired.com/blog/candidates/career-narrative-just-important-work-history/

Profile Photo: Include a profile photo, ideally of yourself. If that makes you uncomfortable at all, no problem. You can add an alternative such as an image of a hobby, your hometown, etc. to ensure your profile looks complete.

Work History: Make sure to list 2-3 bullet points from your resume underneath each past role. You should be highlighting what you achieved, and which technology or tools were used. This is crucial, as employers want to see what skills/technology were used at each role to get a sense of your experience with each.

Additional Documents: Make sure to include a resume and your LinkedIn account. Optional, though highly encouraged: GitHub, Dribble, etc.

Role & Skills: Make sure your top 5 skills accurately represent your experience IN ORDER OF PRIORITY (this affects how you show up in search queries, and use the "additional skills" section to highlight other technologies you have experience with, again in order of priority).

Salary: Explore our salary calculator to ensure you are setting your minimum expectations at an attractive rate (be mindful not to undervalue yourself as it may communicate a lack of competency) https://hired.com/salary-calculator

Location Preferences: While some companies have remote opportunities, they are less common. Most companies tend to prefer onsite. Considering onsite can help your profile get more attention.

Additional Sections: If a designer, mobile developer or front-end developer, be sure to include a portfolio of your work - don't forget to include a password if needed.

Years of Experience: Companies use this section to determine the years of experience you have in each area. It is important it is accurate.  Can you take a look and ensure it is accurately capturing your years of experience?

Profile Strength: Your profile score is a demand indicator and it is worthwhile reviewing highlighted sections for accuracy, completeness as well as prioritization (skills, location) in addition to objective-setting (headline/wishlist).

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