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Crafting a Great Company Profile

Be Comprehensive

The key to successful recruiting on Hired starts with your Company Profile. A complete Company Profile results in a 25% increase in interview acceptance rate. After receiving your interview request, candidates go to your company profile to learn more. Put your best foot forward by giving them all of the information they need. Make sure your company information is up-to-date with your address, recent press, tech stack, exciting technical challenges, and other relevant external links. 

Showcase Your Employer Brand

More than 80% of candidates on Hired accept an offer other than the highest. The top reason we have heard for striking a good match with a top candidate: the company works on interesting problems. Tell your story in a compelling way, keeping in mind what technical candidates want to hear. Talk to your current team and find out why they joined, and showcase that! Help candidates decide whether or not there’s a mutual fit. 

• Company culture & core values 

• Social mission 

• Opportunities for learning & growth 

• Cutting-edge technology

Include Lively, Relevant Photos

Adding pictures, videos, and descriptions that illustrate your company culture and values. Great photos help candidates get a feel for your culture, and helps them picture themselves working for your company. Show clips from your latest hackathon and highlight how technical talent decompresses at work and at play. Be sure to highlight your diversity and inclusion so that talent can “see themselves” fitting into your culture. 

Let Candidates Know What to Expect

Best-in-class companies lay out their interview process upfront. This helps set the candidate’s expectations, creating a smooth and enjoyable interview process. Be sure to include: 

• Number of rounds and their location: phone screen, video call or on-site interviews? 

• Skill tests or assessments 

• Major milestones or key people they will meet

List Your Perks

You’ve put a lot of work into creating a great place to work. Bring your dog to work? All the kombucha you can drink? Annual employee roller derby? Listing your perks — especially the unique ones that showcase your culture — will help you stand out from other companies and find the best fit. 

Make Your Profile Public
Allow your company profile to be visible to all potential candidates by leaving the "Stealth" box unchecked. This opts you into Hired's free service - Public Company Pages. This program allows your to promote your brand and helps us to more effectively attract and curate candidates for your open roles.
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