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What are some best “hiring on Hired” practices?

Create a Strong Company Profile

The key to successful recruiting on Hired starts with your Company Profile. A complete Company Profile results in a 25% increase in interview acceptance rate. After receiving your interview request, candidates go to your company profile to learn more. Put your best foot forward by giving them all of the information they need. Make sure your company information is up-to-date with your address, recent press, tech stack, exciting technical challenges, and other relevant external links. For more tips see Creating a Great Company Profile.

Customize Your Messaging

80% of Hired candidates accept interviews based on factors other than highest salary offered, so take the time to promote what makes your company unique. Technical talent are motivated by solving hard problems and working with great people. Highlight the problems you need their help solving, either strategic or technological. Include industry, location, vision, team, culture, and milestones achieved.

If you use a personal message, you’ll get a much higher positive response rate than our 50% average. Include details like: 

• Why you’re interested in the candidate 

• The size of your tech team 

• What your company does and milestones to date 

• Technical projects you’re working on 

• Your growth trajectory

Schedule an Interview Quickly

You’ve done the legwork to engage the candidate and push the process forward. Capitalize on your efforts by scheduling an interview quickly. Make sure your Account Manager and your scheduler are in your email contact list so that emails don’t end up in your spam filter. If you’re interviewing a lot, designate someone on your team to schedule by adding them to the email thread, or putting them in touch with your Account Manager. Be sure to keep all key players copied on any emails.

Respond Quickly

Whether you’re scheduling an interview, or making a final offer, the faster the response time, the better. A decision within 24-48 hours after each round is recommended.

Be Flexible

There isn’t a limit on the number of changes you can make to interview requests. For example, if your interview request gets rejected for “insufficient compensation,” you’ll have the opportunity to revise your offer. 

Utilize Your Account Manager

We’re here to help you achieve your goals. Let us know if you have a specific hiring need and we’ll do everything we can to get the right technical talent in front of you.

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