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How does Hired help employers?

Hired is a highly curated marketplace of only the best technical talent who are primed and ready for their next career opportunity.

Hired empowers hiring managers and recruiters to accelerate sourcing efforts at a lower cost. Hired delivers a curated pool of responsive candidates directly to you, so you can spend less time sourcing and more time interviewing and hiring.

Hired increases transparency on both sides of the hiring process to help align candidates and employers from the start. With all of the information you need right at your fingertips, you can be sure you are focusing on only the right candidates.

1. Find Quality Candidates: Each month, 70,000 candidates come to Hired and complete a profile. With a 5% acceptance rate, only the top candidates end up on the platform.

2. View Forward-Looking Candidate Profiles: View candidates’ salary requirements, work authorization, timeline & complete work experience up-front.

3. Make The Connection: Once you find a candidate you like, reach out.

4. Hire With Insight:  Plan your KPIs with access to insights on your team's hiring metrics

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